High Pressure/Velocity Bed
(Rhinelander location only)

Our most advanced tanning bed is here. Get your 360° tanning experience today with this bed!!

What Is High Pressure Tanning?

High pressure tanning is an exciting new alternative to traditional indoor tanning. The high pressure tanning system uses "high pressure" quartz lamps as opposed to "low pressure" conventional fluorescent tubular lamps. High pressure tanning is able to provide a faster, deeper longer lasting tan than conventional tanning with a greatly reduced risk of sunburn. 

Why Use A High Pressure Bed?

High pressure tanning beds make establishing  a base tan much easier, usually only taking 3-5 sessions. The tan will also last longer since it's going to the second layer of skin and requires less maintenance. Instead of tanning a couple times a week, you can maintain your tan by using the high pressure bed only two to three times a month!


Two High Pressures In Rhinelander Location!

The Rhinelander location has two high pressure beds. One of them is a older model that is a 20 minute bed. This model allows you to flip over half way through the session to get the other side of your body. The other high pressure is the velocity bed which is the 15 minute bed.