- Spray Tanning -

A quick way to boost your SELF CONFIDENCE!

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Prepare yourself for Spray Tan

Shave before coming in to tan. Shaving after the spray tan will cause some of the spray tan to come off. The day of, refrain from any moisturizers, perfumes, and oils that could react as a barrier to your skin.

How long should I wait to shower?

To let the DHA have enough time to set in, it's recommended to wait a minimum of four hours. Showering right away can diminish the spray tan. 

How long does it last?

Spray tans last about seven days depending on the condition of your skin. 

Will the mist stain my clothing?

The bronzing mist is water soluble so after the next cold wash it will be removed from any clothing. 

How many times can I come in to spray tan? Several times in a week?

It all depends on an individuals cell turn over and preference on darkness. 3-4 times a week to keep a dark color would be for those who have a fast cell turn over. Unlike others, maybe only once every 10 days. 

Can I tan in a bed after a Spray Tan?

You sure can! Spray tanning is UV-Free so you can tan before or after your spray tan. 

Rhinelander location spray booth video

Eagle River location spray booth video