Accelerator & Maximizer Lotions: Great for beginning indoor tanners. They are formulated to help you quickly achieve a base tan, but normally don't contain any added bronzers. They usually contain a large amount of moisturizers that allow the skin to tan more quickly and retain your color for a longer time. 

Sunburst Tanning carries a handful of lotion selections. Some of our popular brands are, Australian Gold, Designer Skin, Devoted Creations, Supre Tan, and much more. Also a wide variety of types, prices, and scents are available to choose from.  If you don't see a specific type of lotion at our salon, just let us know. We can always order something for you!  


Which Type Of Lotion Fits You?

Tingle & Hot Action Lotions: (Not recommended for first-time tanners.)

Hot action lotions increase blood flow and brings oxygen to the cells in your skin. This process of oxygenation will improve your tanning results. When using these products you will experience a mild tingling, reddening and warming sensation on the skins surface.

Bronzer Lotions: Gives you an instant tan, so you acheive that sun-kissed look immediately, and you continue to darken for hours after your session. 

Some customers mistakenly think tanning lotion is not essential for getting an indoor tan. However, that is not true, tanning lotion is still necessary for indoor tanning. Here is why:

  • Helps get an even tan
  • Lets you absorb UV light to give a darker look to your tan
  • Gives you the ability to tan much faster
  • Saves you money by getting you a better tan in fewer sessions

Why Use Tanning Lotion?